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Michal Pavlas
As musicians consider their instruments with all due gravity and respect, so do I consider the weight of my tools.  They have got their soul.

I feel the fineness of the material with my fingertips.  I smell the scent of the leather as I contemplate the outcome of my labors.  As does a virtuoso violinist, I strive to share the exceptional moments of my craft with you.  Yet, as a shoemaker, I give you not what you take in your heart, but what you wear on the soles of your feet.

Footwear is my lucky fortune. I am proud to represent the third generation of my family, and honored to know that I can continue our long tradition of shoemaking from the city of Zlin, in the heart of Moravia. Inspired by the Italian traditions of luxurious design and impeccable production, I look forward to extending a family tradition and bringing to you a truly unique product.
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My inspiration comes mainly from
the Italian style of production
and immaculate lines.
Details matter
production process
An appointment with us is the first step towards owning a bespoke pair of shoes. We would be pleased to invite you for a tour of our production facility, where you will meet our staff, and enjoy the sight and smell of leather being cut, glued, and sewn.

As you yourselves are unique, so must be your shoes. My wife and I pride ourselves on our individual approach to shoemaking, and we enjoy the process of creating something entirely personal and unique to you. Our philosophy has always been one of creative interaction with our clients, and we both expect and welcome your most challenging wishes and demands.
As we know that each pair of shoes has a purpose, we will ask you what you expect from your new pair. In what kind of setting will you enjoy them, and how often?

We will take precise measurements to outline the unique shape of your foot, and in approximately four weeks we can offer you a test pair for trial use. We can then sit together and discuss your ideas and whether we have met your expectations. If you are fully satisfied, a final pair of shoes will be crafted.

Your pair of shoes
will be ready
in a few weeks
3 weeks
a unique test pair is fitted for you
a couple of days
try it out, take a walk
2 weeks
an original pair of shoes is ready for you
Accessories from our production will
complement and complete the unique
look provided by our products.
When producing both an exclusive as well as durable pair of shoes, craftsmanship alone does not equal excellence. It is essential to consider the purpose of the shoe before choosing the right and best quality leather for each individual part of the shoe upper as well as the shoe bottom.

Our customers commonly enjoy the luxurious feel of shoes made from box calf leather. However, we are excited to offer more exotic choices such as ostrich, stingray, sea eel, and elephant. If you like something truly exceptional, without a doubt the best choice is crocodile leather.
As any product is only worth the sum of its parts, our suppliers are world class in the market. We work with such leading names as: Gruppo Mastrotto (linings), Ilcea and Nuova Osba (box calf leather), Esotica and FPV Skins (reptiles), and Kilger and Rendenbach (soles) among others.

Underlining the durability of any shoe is the thread and we are proud to use the best the market has to offer. The tensile strength of Gütermann sewing threads virtually eliminates seam tears and provides excellent wear resistance in even the most demanding conditions.


The Best in the Field

Much like it is demanding on both time and skill to make a quality pair of shoes, it is similarly demanding to ensure appropriate and reliable suppliers of top class materials.  Due to our long standing market position, as well as personal liaisons, we pride ourselves on cooperating with these cutting edge leaders.

Materials are purchased
from the leading
world class producers
Our shoes are designed to meet your needs.  We can offer heavier and sturdier designs to ideally serve in more extreme conditions.  On the other hand, we can design with maximum flexibility and lightweight comfort in mind, to create a pair of customized dancing shoes.  
Your required
sturdiness or flexibility
will be ensured by an appropriate set of
materials and construction technology.
Each type of material has specific properties such as thickness and plasticity.  In shoemaking it is essential to consider these properties and to create distinct ways of processing the different materials.  This knowledge only comes from experience, and as a chess master always thinks steps ahead of his opponents, we must carefully consider our construction methods. Once the parts are stitched, there is no reversing it.  As a puzzle, the individual steps must fit together in harmony for the shoe upper respond equally well with each piece.   
There are many types of production technologies
Elegant footwear with a delicate construction is made by using the Bologna technique.  Characteristic of true loafers or moccasins, this technique will result in a truly soft and comfortable model with unsurpassable flexibility.  The Blake method is followed to create classical footwear with a standard rigidity.  These shoes are similar to Goodyear Single shoes, and are an ideal first pair for those new to bespoke shoes.  For the autumn and winter seasons, moderately stiff, lightly robust footwear is crafted by the Bentivegna method.  A similar result may be achieved by the Norwegese with normal soles, which is characterized by a decorative chain stitch around the entire shoe. 
The most solid and robust shoes are fabricated with the Goodyear Double stitched method.  This type is, however, recommended only for experienced users of top quality custom made shoes.

We could go on and on describing the individual production methods and finest features that each bespoke shoemaker is capable of, but this is not our goal.  Our target is the result: a pair of shoes accurately made according to your wishes, and which we guarantee to perfectly serve their purpose for 5+ years.  On top of this, should you desire, the shoes can always be restored to a completely new condition.

If you are interested in our service, please leave your email below and we will get in touch with you.

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